Trench Foot Is Defined As A Medical Condition Of The Foot, Which Arises As A Result Of Too Much Exposure To Cold, Wet, And Unsanitary Conditions.

Many people get a pinched nerve from time to time, so there is no need to be alarmed about this condition. This can give you relief from the problems faced due to the plantar fasciitis. Athletes, especially runners, are more prone to ankle problems. The symptoms of athlete’s foot include patchy, dry, scaly, and itchy skin. Follow a proper exercise regimen for a healthy ankle movement. ankle swelling and pain could be caused due to serious medical conditions, people affected by the aforementioned symptoms must consult a doctor immediately. Trench foot is defined as a medical condition of the foot, which arises as a result of too much exposure to cold, wet, and unsanitary conditions. It’s only when foot problems occur that they suddenly come to our notice.

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