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That in turn could induce the Federal Reserve into more and faster interest rate rises that will support the dollar as the currency of choice globally for investors seeking better than zero returns for their money. get redirected hereAnalysts at Deutsche Bank, long the most extreme dollar “bull” of the major banks that dominate the $5 trillion a day currency market, spoke this week of a “perfect storm” for the dollar. Strategists at Goldman Sachs dubbed the U.S. election a “reset” for the currency. The list of dollar victims is growing and economists and policymakers are starting to wonder whether the dollar’s surge could derail the very recovery in demand and inflation that would drive it higher. Emerging markets are vulnerable. * Parity beckons for the euro. Deutsche Bank forecasts the European single currency to fall to $1.00 by June next year, and $0.95 by year end. Goldman predicts parity within 12 months but says that may now happen sooner. * The Bank of International Settlements warns the dollar is now the best barometer of global investor risk appetite and financial market leverage, making its current surge potentially destabilising.Discover More Here

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